For Your Commercial Property

If you are interested in our services for your commercial property, we will arrange to inspect your premises free of charge. We will explain the benefits of using our services, and discuss various points in order to produce a quotation which will match your needs and budget.
We can also provide a free demonstration to show the effectiveness of our equipment and cleaning methods are. In addition to one-off cleaning session, we provide regular carpet care through a fully comprehensive carpet maintenance programme tailored to your specific needs.

Domestic Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Our Prices vary based on type, condition and quality of carpets and fabrics as well as the cleaning method most suitable or recommended by the manufacturer. That's why at Number One Carpet Cleaning we provide a free of charge quotation visit so we can assess your exact needs. But we know that you would like to have an idea so here are some of the most common quotes.
  • Single bedroom (8ft x 10ft) £30.00
  • Double bedroom (12ft x 12ft) £35.00
  • Living room (12ft x 18ft) £40.00
  • Trough Lounge (24ft x 12ft) £65.00
  • Hallway £15.00 Landing £13.00
  • Stairs Per step £3.00
  • Small Rug Up to 5 sq. ft. £16.00
  • Large Rug Above 5 sq. ft. £20.00
  • One-bedroom flat - Living room, bedroom hallway £90.00
  • Two-bedroom flat - Living room, two bedrooms and a hallway £150.00
  • Three bed flat Living room, hallway two double bedrooms, one single bedroom £170.00
  • One-bedroom house - Through lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, double bedroom £150.00
  • Two-bed house - Through lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, two bedrooms £190.00
  • Three-bedroom house - Through lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, three bedrooms £245.00
  • Two settee sofa £60.00
  • Three settee sofa £75.00
  • Armchair £38.00
  • Single Mattress £25.00
  • Double Mattress £35.00
  • King Size Mattress £47.00
  • Half Length Curtains £60.00
  • Long Length Curtains £80.00 
  • Please note that £60.00 minimum charge applies to small jobs