Professional Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Number One Carpet Cleaning has been extending the life of once dirty commercial carpets, fabrics and upholstery for various local businesses and national brands.

  • “Having your carpets and furnishings professionally cleaned and protected can help maintain a clean and well presented business environment, whilst protecting and prolonging the life of your business investments”.
  • The commercial carpet cleaning we are offering embraces all aspects of carpet cleaning.
  • “As a business we rely on our customers' loyalty and strive to provide complete satisfaction to earn your trust ”
  • We have full public liability insurance with AXA to a limit of £10 million.
  • Did we mention that we can work 24/7?
This means that you can contract us to clean your office and commercial carpets during the night, weekends or official holidays. We understand the importance of carrying out a commercial carpet cleaning program with minimal disruption to the daily running of your business. We can therefore offer our hours that suit your needs.


At Number One Carpet Cleaning Ltd. we do not limit the care of your carpets and upholstery with just one cleaning session. To make sure you receive the best services and to make the most of your investment in carpets and furniture for your business, we are offering several types of protective treatments. Stain Protection: A phenomenal new product is applied to coat every fibre with an invisible stain resistant shield. This application repels both oil- and water based stains. After the application, any subsequent spillage would bead up and remain of the surface, instead of soaking in. This allows enough time to react and prevent any stains from being absorbed. This gives you time to react and prevent stains from setting in.

Don't believe the myth that carpets can't enjoy a long and lengthy life in a commercial location”.